Number of Offers : N/A
Commission Type : CPA, CPC
Minimum Payout : 50
Payment Frequency : Monthly, Net-7, Net-15
Payment Method : Paypal, Wire
Referral Commission : 5%
Tracking Software : In-House
Social Pages :      
Contact Number :N/A


Adzoomer Network has more advertiser relationships than any other network, providing offers across multiple verticals and geographies. The Adzoomer Network Performance affiliate network has worldwide reach with offers in more than 155 countries.

1 Reviews

Robert Vederoff

Simple words to describe this network are: The best content locking mobile network in the industry. Great staff, friendly, always helping and support is very fast. I will receive my first payment in the end of this month. I recommend this network if you have high mobile traffic or if you want you can promote product offers. High Converting.